Types of Plywood

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Types of Plywood
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Veneer Core:
This type of construction is composed of an odd number of veneer plies. The middle ply is called the "center" and the plies on either side of the center are called "cross bandings." Outter plies are called "faces" and "backs." Panel thickness varies from 1/8 inches thick to 3/4 inches or more; 1/4 inch or less panels are normally 3-ply; while thicker panels are 5 to 11-ply or more.

Lumber Core:
This type of construction is usually 5-ply consisting of a face and back veneer, two crossbands, and a core composed of lumber strips that are edge glued to form a solid slab.

Patricle Board/Fibreboard Core:
The face and back veneers are applied directly to either a core of particleboard or medium density fibreboard.

Composite Core:
A veneer core is combined with a composite crossband onto which face and back veneer core with the smooth surface of a fibreboard core.